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Delivering great education, efficiently and effectively has never been more challenging. Today’s educational institutions have to deal with organizing and administrating a dynamic number of staff, the institution’s assets and pupils. Often against a backdrop of ever-changing ideas regarding curriculum, learning theory, methods, procedures, standards, reporting and funding requirements. The stakes and standards have never been higher.


Yunoo is an educational platform that supports all the functionality that a school needs: learning, teaching and administrational functions. Yunoo provides all stakeholders in education with unparalleled information and analysis. Information is provided to help students, parents, teachers, managers and administrators at both an operational, day-to-day level and with respect to longer-tem analysis and decision-making.

It is not about “one size fits all”: it supports integration with 3rd party systems, makes no assumptions about curriculum, approach to learning, while delivering everything via a consistent, intuitive and easy navigate user interface.

  • Allows schools to work effectively and efficiently – reducing administrative burden
  • Interoperability as a starting point, based on the global SIF-standard
  • Build to evolve with a wide and growing range of learning and teaching models
  • Open and international standards based
  • Connects your personalised Learning, Teaching and Administrative environment

The worst pain a man can suffer: to have insight into much, and power over nothing: Herodotus